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an indie band that is led and mainly consists of the young new jersey poet, joseph makoviecki.

beginning in the winter of 2004, after the dismantling of Welcome to ForeverMakoveskus was soon started as joseph wanted to have a band that wasn't tied down to the same musicians all the time.

he has so far written numerous songs, and is well known for his ultra-poetic style of writing.

"there's a light on in a foreign house,
and there is a man inside,
he yells orders and obsceneities at his panic stricken wife.
he beats her with his oral sword and slits her throat with spoken word,
and she tells her freinds and family,
that she is fine."

-village of truth
"Hey, are you going to the Makoveskus show?"
by _rentalgirl_ September 08, 2004
the first successful musical project of the well-known artist, joseph makoviecki. he started the band when he was 13, and they played many shows locally and had a large following.

in the beginning of 2004 he broke the band up, to go on to start Makoveskus - a band which sometimes harbors the same musicians as Welcome to Forever.
Welcome to Forever played Krome one time, it was pretty rad.
by _rentalgirl_ September 08, 2004

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