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Brave, tough, extreme pride, cocky because they EARNED it, your best friend, your worst enemy, savages on the battlefield and in the bed, dedicated, rowdy, smart, trained hard: mind & body, unlike other branches- honors mc traditions, such as the usmc birthday. If you find a good one, he'll be the best damn husband a man could ever be. The good ones are incredible boyfriends, husbands, and dads. They work hard & play hard. *wink* :D Their uniforms are the sharpest, & they fill them out well.

They save money on shampoo because of high & tights!

Earned the name "teufel-hunden" aka Devil Dogs because of their attack against the Germans in 1918. They still live up to their nickname today.

Semper Fidelis: Always Faithful.

They have their own Hymn, Flag, and plenty of nicknames. Army= soldiers. Navy= sailors. Air Force= ?. Marines= Devil Dog, Leatherneck, Jarhead, President's Own, Gyrene, America/ The World's 911 force, uncle sam's misguided children


enough said :)
Me: "Yeah my husband's a Marine"

Friend thinking: *... Lucky bitch.*
Friend: "So... does he have friends?"
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by _marinewife August 16, 2009
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