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... except after c

A persistent little lie.
"it's wierd how i before e except after c is always true LOL"
by _m374 May 10, 2006
Any mode or component of communication involving an effortless mutilation or casual assrape of language.

Portmanteau of "mangle" and "language".
"i cant belive im loosing agian, your awsome LOL!!!"
"her mangluage actually made my fucking ears bleed."
by _m374 May 10, 2006
Far less popular sibling of themself, owing to its obnoxiously self-regarding ostentatiousness.
"i hurt myselves today."
by _m374 May 10, 2006
A mythical pronoun occasionally sighted awkwardly straddling the thorny bush dividing plural from singular.

See myselves, mangluage.
"anybody who actually says this should kill themself."
by _m374 May 10, 2006
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