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a very small and thin penis, which has problems erecting....
girl1:want to go shopping?
girl2:Naa, i'm going to go with martin to the movies
girl1:Martin C.?!
girl2: umm... yea...
girl1:... HE HAS A PIXIE PENIS!!!
girl2:... so where are we going shopping?
by _beluga_ July 26, 2006
The study of drastically inflating the price of goods by slapping a brand-name tag or trademark on certin items. expecially studied by the scientist at gap instead of improving their product.
Joe strutted into the party in his new expensive gap accessories not knowing he paid $200 bucks to look like a hobbo... and now is one.

...just another victem of gapology, help now, it's a decision you will never regret...
by _beluga_ August 10, 2006
A reflective surface;

For girls: a lifeline and consultant

Guys: their personal trainer for that sexy look.

That chair's so shiny, it's like a mirror.

Girl looking in mirror: "hey sexy, yea i'm sexy, nice ass sexy (a girl just wants to know she's sexy)."
by _beluga_ August 19, 2006

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