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The 'let's give working class children with estranged parents money for going to school!' government allowance. Thinly veiled scheme for increasing that all-important 'equal opportunities' quota. In other words, highly unfair system that bribes working class scum and commoners with divorced parents and semi-detached ex-council houses up to £30 per week for carrying on for sixth-form, in order to make the current Labour government seem caring, liberal and all for equality.
'Hey, my parents aren't educated, i live in a council estate, i 'm ill-bred, and stupid as sin- i get £30 a week for going to school!' (typical EMA-reciever)

'I'm a child of university educated parents with good jobs, i have an IQ of 145, i enjoy learning, i'm going to university next year, and just because my parents committed the heinous crime of being upper-middle class and sensible enough not to GIVE me £30 a week allowance i have to work my ass off each week to earn my money instead of sitting around doing fuck all like the working class scum of Britain' (me)

by _Lottie_ November 19, 2007

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