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6 definitions by _Dr. Evil

what the supreme court gives to people
if you are bad jinal fustice might come back to haunt you
extremely contagious
"i got some bad jinal fustice from my dad"
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
2 4
the sphinkter is irritated and inflamed from the remnants of popcorn kernels that have been expelled through the shit gash
"what the?.. i didnt eat no corn" - fat bastard
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
4 7
when you leven stynch all over yourself
Oh man I gotta go wipe this gertificate off my shit gash
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
2 6
You can lose it in your drawers if youre not careful with it...
Just dont let everyone handle it..
And dont hold it against me.
Oh man i just dropped my bone phook!
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
2 23
made when you squeeze the tip in hopes of making less of a mess before someone walks in on you rubbing your bone phook very painful
well it seems last night you caught me spankin it -- then i had an internal cumshot
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
8 39
dont play with it too much or it might break
multiplayer konkey dong is fun
hey wanna come (over) and play konkey dong with me?
by _Dr. Evil February 14, 2003
39 95