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Cal-fagzor, the untalented, unskilled people in the CyberAtheletes Amateur League.
Oh look at me, im cal-f, I can't kill anyone.

person 1: Are you cal-i?
person 2: nah I'm cal-f.
by _Dro_ November 05, 2005
A feeling of a 50/50 chance of something happening.
I have a 50 feeling I'm gonna fail that test.
by _DRO_ October 26, 2005
To claim not to know someone when you actually do. Usually used to avoid embarrasment by friends.
Person 1: Hey look at me strip dance
Person 2: Don't you know that guy?
Person 3: I've never met him
Person 1: I've just been de-known
by _dRo_ April 01, 2006
One who spams in forums or message boards
Bob:what is your favorite band
by _Dro_ September 08, 2005

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