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1. A girl who, through choice, won't let just anyone fall for her and doesn't give herself in any way, shape or form to just anyone (or at least, not while she's in high school). Quite a low-key character who doesn't dress to impress others.

1. An American CCM group consisting of 3 sisters, all of whom share the surname.... ummm.... Barlow. Written without a space between the words Barlow and Girl.

1.(n)A girl who won't even breathe in the general direction of a boy (Of course they're NEVER gay *rolls eyes*) no matter how much she likes him UNLESS SHE'S MARRIED OR ELSE SHE WILL GO TO HELL. Unhealthily obsessed with purity.

2. Used to describe an item of clothing that is considered either hideously dowdy and consevative or not revealing or trashy enough for one's tastes.
Wow, Barlow Girls are really rare these days. Good on her for not putting out or dressing like a slag.

NEUTRAL: BarlowGirl have a new album out called Love & War.

NEGATIVE 2:Mum: "Em, have a look at this" (This being - for example - a taupe-coloured shapeless dress with a cowl neck and long sleeves)
Me: "EURGH! That's the sort of thing a Barlow Girl woud wear!"
by _:_ November 22, 2009
A sweetly-scented pod used to flavour sweet foodstuffs and drinks; as well as being a common note in perfumes.

See Positive
Also: A term used to describe someone not involved in the BDSM community]

NEGATIVE (Mostly about women, but can also apply to men)
A person who is at least one of the following
+Unadventurous (In everyday life and/or sexually)
+Only follows the mainstream or whatever is popular with their friends
+Overtly concerned with not being seen as a loser to their outside world i.e. No admittance to having social flaws, only consuming the "right" brands and being seen in the "right" places in the "right" clothes with the "right" face for the surroundings and their friends. More often than not, "right" seems to approximate to being grown-up and/or sophisticated
+Not interested in broadening their mind
+A sheep
+innocuous on the outside but can - ALTHOUGH NOT ALWAYS - actually be an obnoxious gossip
+Believes the opposite sex is completely alien and acts in a pathetic way about them {For an example, see^}
+Plays thick and/or genuinely is dumb
+Tends to do the same things
+Go to the "right" kind of nightclub and then bleat about how they only play a good song every half hour
+Plays up to gender roles which are dictated to them somehow, somewhere, and for no good reason
+Apathetic about current issues that affect them, or pretends to be
POSITIVE: "Mmmm! Vanilla milkshake... my favourite."

NEUTRAL: *someone talking to a kinkier friend* "Eh, I'm not into being hogtied by my lover... I'm just an old-fashioned romantic vanilla guy like that."

Vanilla is one of the base notes in Hypnotic Posion by Dior
Essie: ^"Oh my god! He told me he'd call me yesterday, but he didn't. Does that mean he doesn't like me?"

OR "Why are guys so weird? What the hell do they THINK about?"

OR "I wish I lived in the 19th century, because then I'd be comfortable marrying for money"

OR "Have you seen - e.g. - The Inbetweeners OR Coronation Street OR F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Emma (If she had the guts to voice her thoughts) I DON'T KNOW! YOU ASK HIM! Ugh, *WHY* are vanilla girls so weird? How do guys ever find them remotely attractive?

OR Yikes, bit of a Barlow girl attitude there!

OR Eh, I've seen few episodes/No, I don't watch it (because it's bloody boring and represents how dull this vanilla society is)!

This vanilla society does not accept polyamoury and considers everything you do away from your partner to be cheating. Marriage, commitment and monogamy are what matters to the vanilla.

NEGATIVE 3: My boyfriend OR girlfriend is really crap in bed - (s)he's *so* vanilla
by _:_ July 01, 2012
Noun. Plural: revenge babies.

A baby who has been created purely to get revenge on a boy/girl's ex (Usually the ex-girlfriendof a Neanderthal pretending to be a boy). One of the most spiteful, henious cruelties a girl can possibly inflict.

Revenge babies are often born to mothers - if indeed, you can call them mothers in any sense other than biological - who want possession of their Neanderthals, no matter how violent, uneducated and/or vicious Neanderthal of either gender is

One or both 'parents' is highly likely to have little or no education after leaving high school, be selfish, live in poor-quality housing which may or may not be on a council estate (In the projects/tha hood to those from the US. Other countries, you tell me what your equivalent is!).

Almost all revenge babies are created by chavs and chavettes in the UK, or rednecks,hicks,wiggers and the like in the US. Other countries: Think of your closest equivalent.
These innocent children will have an enormous chip on thier shoulder for the rest of their lives as a result of the immature, petty spitefulness of their 'parents'.

See also: skank baby.
One hopes that a REVENGE BABY will escape the negative reputation that it is given to them before being born and that they will become a law-abiding citizen who cares about their community and has compassion for other people.

Sadly, however, many sadly repeat the vicious cycle their parents started or were part of, regardless of gender.
by _:_ November 30, 2011
A Twitter account, or a person with a Twitter account.

Derived from the word twet, as used by @CelestialBeard, aka Thom J.
1. I follow some really awesome TWETKINS. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me think... they make life worth living.

And if nothing else, they make sitting on the can a lot less boring.

2. To all TWETKINS: Could you please RT the following hashtag/link? It's for an important cause.

3. John: Who should I follow on Twitter?
Sam: Well, why not try @OhWonka or @BigKnickersBot? Loads of TWETKINS I know follow them because they're fucking hilarious.
John: You sound like such a douche when you say "Twetkins". What's wrong with just "Twitter accounts", or "friends", or even "homies"?
Sam: One takes too long to say, one applies to Facebook as well and the other can be used anyfuckingwhere. You still my twet bro (friend), right?"
John: <-< >-> o-O O-o ... Ummm, yeah. *makes a mental note to unfollow Sam later on*
by _:_ July 13, 2012

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