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4 definitions by Zyan Coyle

taking a duke in someones mouth
i just took a huge Snigbit in my friend's mouth while he was asleep.
Warxy 9: wat the crap is in my mouth.
Zyan 11: ha ha retard its crap.
by Zyan Coyle March 10, 2008
a dee dee dee genius
hi my mommy said im Smartarded.
by Zyan Coyle March 10, 2008
A very sweet loving person HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Mom
a hard working person named Mom
by Zyan Coyle May 10, 2008
when u crap and it lands on the side of the toilet seat.
Jamason:AAAHHHHH!!!!!(sounded like a girl)
Zyan11:Did u find (warxy9's) HEDGEHOG!!!!
Warxy9:ha ha!! yep he did!!!
Zyan11:he sure did!!
by Zyan Coyle March 16, 2008