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is the action of both sneezing and pooping at the same time.
usually the sneeze causes this action; however some people experience snooping because they are allergic to shit which causes them to sneeze.
Ethyl: Hey Terry its nice to have you back in school I missed you!!! What were you even sick with???
Terry: I have no idea Ethyl. It started out with just sneezing, then it turned to pooping, then it turned to snooping.
Ethyl: ahhhh im sorry that sounds awful... hopefully you're better now!!
Terry: I...I...I ahchoooo!!!!!...plus the sound of stepping in tons of mud....oo fuck i snooped again
Ethyl: I..I think i gotta go terry...babye!
by Zx612 June 29, 2011
noun: a gross living being with either physical or emotional setbacks that make them less appealing to be around or be seen with.

it can also be used as a word randomly used to describe and action, a place, or a time.
Dave: Did you see that meat-patty over there?
Ron: Ya dude...I sneezed and shit in my pants at the same time (see snooped).
Dave: I'd rather put my penis in a can of coke and risk cutting the edges than even hold hands with that ogre of a person.
Other Use:
Ron: Dude wtf? You said Indiana Beach was nice...this place iis totally meat patties...theirs fucking bandaids in the water.
Dave: Sorry man...I didn't know this place sucked so much meat patties...this is not the shit
by Zx612 June 29, 2011
Swick adj.: describing how cool something is in a trendy way- it is a word derived from both the words sick and sweet.
Yo dawg I was at Zumiez and saw these dope ass swick kicks I was about to splurge some dough on them and then realized I spent all mine at the thrift store by vests and beat up plaid shirts.
by Zx612 June 29, 2011
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