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A phrase used on Wall Street to describe a firm that hires new graduates, works them like slaves for a few years (ie. 100hrs+ a week), and then once they've exhausted their use kicks them out the door.
I'm not too sure about Houlihan in the Minneapolis office. As a whole, the firm is respected and has a great presence in the middle market, but I've heard it's quite a chop shop.
by Zweihander-FA July 01, 2010
Combination of the words mantra and motto. Shares the same meaning.
"Blame Roger first....that's her montro"

Taken from Episode 4, Season 3 of The Closer.
by Zweihander-FA March 28, 2010
A portmanteau of technology and antiquity. Techniquity is used to refer to technological antiques, especially those no longer in use or circulation. It can also be applied to periods of time.
The Atari 2600 is a techniquity.

Most of the so-called revolutionary technological inventions of the 1980s would be considered techniquities by today's standards.
by Zweihander-FA September 18, 2009
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