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Verb: To get a song stuck in someone else head by humming or singing it.
Mike: "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.."

10 Minutes later..

Sam: "..and they're like they're better than ya's"
by Zwap July 15, 2009
A word which is said after you humiliate, own or cause harm to someone or yourself unintentionally.
You drop a grenade after you have just been fragged in a FPS, the grenade goes on killing 2 enemies. "Oh zwap, hate to be those Noobs"

Seeing an old lady cross the road she trips on the sidewalk and lands dislocating her hip. "Oh zwap, hahahaha".

You are closing the door, you get your finger stuck in gap making you scream out in agony. Your friend proceeds to laugh at you "Oh zwap, you're a retard".
by Zwap July 15, 2009

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