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When a Girl is giving a guy a Hand-Job and right before the guy is about to blow his load or cum, she punches the guy right in the testicles.
"It really sucked. I was so excited for her to jerk me off and she finally did...I got the Hairy Knuckle Airbag."

"Oh yes, yes make me...AHHH...." *hairy knuckle airbag*

"Bitch gave me the Airbag!"
by Zwantel Washington January 29, 2010
After camping out with your best friend and listening to neil young songs all night long, you wake up the next morning, naked, with a very wet condum hanging out of your anus, wearing a cowboy-hat, with your friend standing in front of you smiling, complely naked with a cowboy hat on and listening to "Old Man" by Neil Young.
"Dude, lets go Neil Young!"
by Zwantel Washington June 10, 2008
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