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2 definitions by Zwantel Washington

When a Girl is giving a guy a Hand-Job and right before the guy is about to blow his load or cum, she punches the guy right in the testicles.
"It really sucked. I was so excited for her to jerk me off and she finally did...I got the Hairy Knuckle Airbag."

"Oh yes, yes make me...AHHH...." *hairy knuckle airbag*

"Bitch gave me the Airbag!"
by Zwantel Washington January 29, 2010
6 3
After camping out with your best friend and listening to neil young songs all night long, you wake up the next morning, naked, with a very wet condum hanging out of your anus, wearing a cowboy-hat, with your friend standing in front of you smiling, complely naked with a cowboy hat on and listening to "Old Man" by Neil Young.
"Dude, lets go Neil Young!"
by Zwantel Washington June 10, 2008
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