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Definition Wars. When two or more people get into a fight by submitting definitions, going back and fourth as to weather the subject is good or bad. This stupidity oftin occurs surrounding the following:
- Someone nobody knows and nobody cares about(besides the people involved)
- Some nearly non-existant town (known only to the people involved)
- Two rivaling schools that no one's ever heard of (somewhere in the middle of butt-fucking NOWHERE Wisconsin).
Def. Wars oftin go something like this:
Idiot #1: Kristin is the sexiest, hottest chicka evah!!!11 She'z the shit and she's cool and she's hot!!!

Idiot #2: Kristin is a filthy whore who be alwayz spreadn't hur legz n shit! Kristin needs to die from an STD

Idiot #3: I'm gonna kill the person who posted the thing about my gurrl.

Idiot #1: Kristin is the most beautoful, cute girl who know more than ypu ever will!

Idiot #2: Kristin is a filthy skank, period.

Idiot #3: OMGWTFBBQ!!!! Lyke!!!1
by Zuniga July 18, 2006
Emma "Twatson" is one of the more vulgar nick names a person dubs one British "actress" Emma Watson. Usually, only the most hateful of anti-Emma Watson persons are liable to use this name.
Anti-Emma #1: Urgh, look it's that one what's-her-bimbo on TV. What's hername? Ellen Dotson? Emma Twatson?
Anti-Emma #2: Yeah, the later of the two....
Rabid Fan Girl: OMG!!!!11! Yur al sooooo jealouzof hur! Emmaz teh prettiest, hottest gurl evah! Eleventy!One!!! Lyk OMG!!!
Anti-Emmas in unison: STFU
by Zuniga July 15, 2006
A Glib Charm Suzie is a girl who acts normal around her girl friends and family but starts laying on the "charm" when a boy comes allong. Like someone with a split personality, a Glib Charm Suzie goes from normal girl to a Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan, hyper-active flirt who is so achingly fake, her friends are embarrassed to be around her. She flips her hair, she sticks out her chest and laughs shrilly at the boy's slightest hint of humor while her friends look on, knowing full well she is acting fake to Paris Hilton Proportions.
Boy: Hey, what's kickin chicken?

Glib Charm Suzie: HAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAA! *squeals & flips hair* Oooooh, you're the funniest person I've ever met!!!! *Hyina laugh* *sticks out chest* So I heard you're going to the Internet Caffe later on? I'll be there to! *waits for him to give her his e-mail adress*

GCS's Friend: (Thinks) holy shit, when does she ever use her e-mail? And what the hell is with the chest thing? I can't believe I've got a huge Glib Charm Suzie as a friend!

Boy: This girl totaly wants me!
by Zuniga July 20, 2006
Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. A sandwich most satesfying....
Need I say more?
A twist on The Irish Sandwich is The Irish Sandwich with Canadian Bacon: Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, JRM and Hayden Christensen.
There is an extreme shortage of the Irish Sandwich in our world....
That's why the Gods created Fannon!
FanGirl #1 "One Irish Sandwich, coming up -"
FanGirl #2 "Oy! Add a slice of Canadian Bacon, will ya?"
by Zuniga July 18, 2006
A Sad Little Woman-Hater is a male Urban Dictionary user who makes up definitions that insult, put down and abuse woman in their "definitions" of implausable, made-up sexual acts. Usually involving violence and insults, these men are ALWAYS one of the following:
- gay and bitter.
- straight and bitter.
- a virgin and bitter.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater is usually bitter, spitefull and resentful of the opposite sex due to the vast ammount of rejection they get. In a typecally testosterone-driven passive-aggressive manner, these pathetic human beings vent their frustrations out by submitting rediculously idiotic definitions to the Urban Dictionary, depicting violent acts against women.
The made-up sexual acts will never be performed by the Sad Little Woman-Haters themselves, because they know that any woman would beat them to a pulp if they even tried... making them even more bitter and spitefull, thus driving them to submit even more stupid definitions.
A Sad Little Woman-Hater will submit something allong the following definitions:
(Note: All of these have realy been submitted to the Urban Dictionary)

When you take out the day's garbage to the dumpster you see a homeless woman sleeping inside. So you jump in and fuck the shit out of her and make a big gooey mess all over her with your cum. As you get out yell "Get a job you bum!"
and then throw all of the garbage on her. THIS IS CALLED THE DUMPSTER DUNK!
pissed off pirate:
while having sexual intercourse with a female, the male pulls out and ejaculates in the woman's eye. Simultaneously, he stamps on the woman's foot. This causes the female to hop on one leg while covering her eye like a pissed off pirate.
J poke
To penetrate the spincter of a chunky, dirty, emo girl with one's pongo (refer to the definition of pongo)
Back baps:
The phenomina of a woman being so fat, they have developed breasts on their shoulder blades.

* The Sad Little Woman-Hater who submitted "pissed off pirate"is likely to be both a bitter virgin and a bitter gay man, obviously knowing nothing about woman-kind.
by Zuniga August 02, 2006
ElAstin is a merging of the names Elijah and Astin, reffering to the actors Elijah Wood and Sean Astin, who stared in the Lord Of The Rings Trillogy. ElAstin is used when referring to slash fanfic involving these two people and/or chatacters that they have played in movies.
Disclaimer: I do not own these people or their characters.
WARNING: Any and all ElAstin fanfiction is just that: FICTION! We do not pretend to know what goes on in these actors lives and no harm is meant by what is written here.
by Zuniga July 15, 2006
When an Encyclopedia Dramatica Editor's mouse-clicking finger gets worn and tired at the joints from rejecting all of those stupid "definitions" people submit repeatedly, over and over again, about absolutely nothing of importance or relevance to the Internet. Like, at all. One may get Clicker's Wear by deleting all of the lame posts concerning the person's:
- friends
- enemies
- girlfriends
- themselves
- people no one knows besides the "definition" submitter themselves.
UD Editor: Damn! I've got Clicker's Wear after rejecting all of those stuped, useless definitions about "Chaz" who ever the hell that person is.
by Zuniga July 18, 2006

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