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Sloberer- The name given to a person who engages in the act of oral sex whilst sober.

Etymology: The slurred, drunken, contracted form of 'Sober Blowjob Giver' resulted in the formation of this word.

Noun: Slober - The act itself
"You don't even drink and you did it! Damn sloberers giving slobers like there's no tomorrow!"

"Awwww, man, I can't believe you gave him a slober last night at that party! That is gross!"
by Zumoid November 30, 2009
A technical term used in relation to the husbandry of sheep, cattle or other domesticated animals.

Fisting is the term applied to the practice of inserting a hand into the vagina of a ewe (female sheep) or cow in order to assess the relative position of the foetus inside the uterus. Fisting may also be done in an attempt to assist an animal which appears to be having difficulty giving birth.

Verb - To fist
"We had a tough time fisting that sheep to get the lamb out last night."

"If you think the cow is having difficulty giving birth to the calf, fist her thoroughly to establish if the calf is too big or is malpresented".
by Zumoid January 28, 2010

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