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Almost On Line

It's so fun to get these free disks in tin boxes. It serves many purposes.
1. You can use the disks as (but not limited to) frisbees, ornaments, anger management, and food.
2. The tin boxes can be all of the above mentioned and also pet cages.
Radio Talk Show Host (RTSH): Hello, Mike?
Mike (M): Hey. I have a problem with my internet.
RTSH: Well Mike, what type of internet do you have?
M: AOL...
RTSH: AHA! I think I've already found your problem!
RTSH: Yep, didn't you know AOL stands for Almost On Line? You gotta use the real stuff man.

(This was an actual conversation on a radio talk show station in Arizona, USA)
by Zuki December 25, 2004
The state that people visit during the winter time because the weather is nice.
Most Arizonans are immune to heat.
Penpal from other state: What's up? How's the weather?
Person from Arizona: Oh it's great! I can't believe it actually went down to 120 today.
Person: Huh? I can't even take my jacket off.
Penpal: *Catches on fire just thinking about it*

I (Zuki, the author of this definition) have lived in Arizona my whole life. I have also never left my house in the summer.
Too bad the only season in Arizona is summer.
by Zuki December 25, 2004
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