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A very greedy president who only cares about his oil, is killing his nation's children, and causing the world to hate him, that was voted in by the world's most ignorant people.
George W. Bush caused a war with Iraqis and is hated by everyone else.
by Zug17 May 03, 2006
The most annoying writing I have ever seen.
1 907 /|\/-\|) l337 5k1||z. 1 \|/1|| pwn |_||2 455
I got MAD elite skills. I will own your ass.

l337 5|_|%0|25
Leet "suxors" (sucks)
by Zug17 May 03, 2006
13K KSWISS Surenos Killer
by Zug17 May 03, 2006
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