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Dry Pussy

Used when someone goes straight to the point; being VERY blunt about something.
*qay quy turns around and asks yu..

GAY GUY: "Hey, do you like quys?"

STRAIGHT GUY: *in shock: "Whaaaahh?"

GAY GUY: "I said do yu like quys?" o.O


GAY GUY: "oh, ok" :-(

STRAIGHT GUY: "what kinda' question was that?" <_< >_>

GAY GUY: "oh, idk, it was just a question" c-:

STRAIGHT GUY: "...o..k?" >_> <_<

*qay quy smiles

STRAIGHT GUY: "yo, yur mad DP about it... yu qotta qet it wet first. *TRANSLATION: (yo yur mad blunt about it, its obvious that yur tryna holla at me, but damn, no need to make it that obvious. The least yu cudda done was said HI and started a converstation first (qettin it wet first) and THEN asked me that question..)
by ZueZue April 10, 2011

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