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a drink no one likes made out of vegtable juice.
now with fruit.
>.< ew! Omg! that's disgusting V8!
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005
n00bish for "goth" usually speaking in terms of satire or sarcasm. >.> also a person who doenst know how to spell correctly or wants to be utterly annoying. usually used on neopets on the EMS boards.
"OMGz11 Ur A gawf111 Ur soo Gawfic11"
by Zrcalo of EMS June 08, 2005
wincing... or is used instead of >.< on boards that support HTML
.. like neopets.
ZR: >.o aack.. my internet has issues..
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005
1) "mirror" in slovenian.

2) a person from the EMS boards from neopets who aided in the overthrow of kobra from the EMS boards and giving EMS back to the REAL goths, which in turn led to there being so many posers on EMS.
1) Nikoli zrcalo sveta..
never mirror the world.

2) Zrcalo: Kobra!! your an arrogant little bastard!
Kobra: get the hell away! EMS is dead! IM leavin!
Zrcalo: ^^ yay!
by Zrcalo of EMS June 08, 2005
a person who loves to listen to symphonic metal..
This is a fairly new genre and may be a bit unknown.
they listen to:
nightwish, lacuna coil, Sonata Arctica etc.
by Zrcalo of EMS June 08, 2005
1) a song written by einsturzende neubauten.
2) a spam-word symbolizong boredom
1: omgz! I luv GC111
2: no.. your a poser..
1: im no pozer`111
2:GC arent goth..
Zrcalo: nnnaaammm!!
2: -_-;;
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005
abbreviation for "good charlotte" the most highest regarded poser band in america.
the suckiest most recent game console..
the gamecube..

in other words..
GC is two letters put togetther to create anything extremely horrible that decieves people and brainwashes them :o OMG!
1: D00D!! GC is the gothest band in da world111
2: wow! gamecube is so awesome! I'm gonna play pokemon all day! :o
by zrcalo of ems June 08, 2005

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