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5 definitions by Zozo the Cat

Verstunken- adjective. (vur STUNK en) Describing a state of bad hygiene. Being smelly or stinking.
Man, after I got done working out, I was completely verstunken.
by Zozo the Cat February 10, 2010
Dump lunch- v. To vomit profusely and noisily due to sickness or reaction to disgust.
The smell of the formaldehyde and the sight of frog guts in biology gave me an almost irresistable urge to dump lunch all over the dissecting table.
by Zozo the Cat February 24, 2010
Pit itts: noun. Having so much hair under your armpits that it resembles Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.
You know someone is nasty when they have 3 foot long pit itts under their arms and B.O. like a rotten onion.
by Zozo the Cat February 25, 2010
Pronounced "Zoooooooooo-OP!" Interjection. A nonsensical, random word used to express vague hyperness or happiness or to defuse tense situations.
You (with a major sugar rush) "Zooooooo-OP!"

School Principal: "Your performance in school is bad, blah blah blah, suspension, blah blah blah mumble."

You: "Zooo-OP!"

by Zozo the Cat February 02, 2010
Soggy Miyagi- A fart so juicy, it makes your underwear soggy. A form of shart.
Man, I laughed so hard, I did a soggy Miyagi.
by Zozo the Cat February 07, 2010