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Derogatory term for a male homosexual.
Quentin is an arse bandit.
by Zorro August 14, 2003
A Professional Liar. Sells products by lying. Slick Bastard that sells you Boss crap and leaves it up to you to prove "The Salesman Lied" it wont do that.
Used Car Salesman.

Circut City Computer Technician
by Zorro January 25, 2005
Refers to a girl who is particularly voluptuous.
Blond-haired, big breasted Becky is fucktastic.
by Zorro January 08, 2004
The white shit that comes out of your twanger, aka: skeet, cum, seamen and all that other shit.
"Awwwww yeah man, I ducktaped all over your mom's titties last night...IT WAS GOOOOOOD."
by Zorro September 24, 2004
Masturbating with a numb hand, to add the effect of getting a handy from a stranger.
Last night it was like Britney Spears was giving me a handy, but i was really just giving myself a stranger
by Zorro May 14, 2004

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