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A category in the Meyer's Briggs Temperment Indicator. Usually extroverted and cheerful, nonetheless this category can be the source of much sexual frustration to introverted nerdy guys. A more complete explanation can be found under "Ladder Theory."
Danger Alex, that chick is a total ENFP.
by Zoroaster December 10, 2003
One who seeks notoriety and then acts shocked and horrified when they find it.
She is such a Paris Hilton. Didn't she think that all of her wanton behavior would catch up with her?
by zoroaster December 12, 2003
(adj) describing an extreme effort, supposedly dangerous.

Analagous to "sticking one's neck out," but with a more important (allegedly) piece of anatomy
Man, Brian drove balls out around that corner, I thought I was gonna die.
by Zoroaster December 12, 2003

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