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A very level headed renegade and starcraft player, whom instills fear in even the strongest players.
1. A l33t renegade player.
2. Plays renalert....
3. Skillful starcraft player
4. Loves life generally
5. Feared by all
<Aurora> Cokemaster 0wns me
<Aurora> Cokemaster is l33t
<Aurora> I blow goats
<Cokemaster> You just got 0wned
<Cokemaster> Next please.
by Zorg June 13, 2004
Trustworthy Friend, homie
My methangel hooked me up with some Chili Pepper Tickets
by Zorg April 29, 2003
A evil space being comming down to earth soon too take over the world and end are puny race moahahaha... THe only thign that get;s in his way is BOBE MAGERA(see bobe)...

The goverment knows do you???
Aghhhhhhhhh look there's ZORG eatign are featus's vioalating are women and pillaging places of worship and villages...
Just another sunny subtropical ultraviolet ozone not there any more sunday in 2050...
by Zorg January 12, 2004
An old person. From the fact that your hair turns white as you age.
"That cotton swab almost merged into my car!"
#old #old fart #grandpa #grandma #senile
by ZORG April 05, 2015
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