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Obamalamadingdong: A Barack Obama campaign assistant who goes door to door for the candidate.
Goodness, Harry, there's an Obamalamadingdong at the door!
by Zooticus Maximus February 27, 2008
Related to other Obamaisms, Obamamama refers to those women voters who have a distinct affinity for Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama, and a distinct disaffinity for his rival, Hilary Rodham Clinton.
"She used to be in Hilary's camp, but since 2004, she's been a real Obamamama."
by Zooticus Maximus February 26, 2008
Obamarometer: A scientific instrument used to measure the current state of the candidate's campaign.
Looks like the Obamarometer is showing that Obama's up four points today!
by Zooticus Maximus February 27, 2008
Obamanominator: A superdelagate who has pledged his or her nominating vote to Barack Obama
Al Gore just might be an Obamanominator.
by Zooticus Maximus February 27, 2008

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