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An over-enthusiast. Someone who is involved and interested in a particular type of activity to such an abnormal degree that they are worthy of contempt.

May be used in the form 'x-gimp' to denote the activity about which the person is enthusiastic

e.g. "I saw Berny with the other computer-gimps gimping on counterstrike yesterday"

Or just to express the general characteristics of people who have such a level of enthusiasm for something

e.g. "Thay guy Berny is a complete and utter gimp"
by Zoot alors! August 14, 2006
Adj. Used to express a feeling of awe towards, and therefore assigning prestige to, something. The feeling of awe may be of different degrees, comparable with different levels, of awe:

i. the awe experienced when registering in one's mind the presence of a wide range of powerful firearms; (usually occuring when visiting gun fares/shows)

ii. the awe experienced when, in the heat of argument, a gangster lifts one side of his jacket to reveal his gun.

iii. the awe experienced when, whether in a mood of celebration or of hostility, a group of gansters draw out their guns and wave them around in the air.
"That speech was gun show!"

In football:
"The Redskins used some gun show tactics in the match today"

In music concerts:
"Eminem bust some gunshow lyrics"
by Zoot alors! August 14, 2006
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