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When someone who still lives with their parents has a marijuana session before going to bed. To pull off a successful before-bedder, one needs a Bounce-blower in order to cover the incriminating scent. It is recommended that the person performing the before-bedder go under their covers (with their pipe or bong, etc., as it is not as effictient with a joint), and after taking a rip, cover the bowl with their hand and then breathe through their Bounce-blower and into a shirt (the shirt is used to absorb the scent). Afterward, it is wise to watch TV (if you have one in your room); watch a comedy show, or movie, if you have the means.
Alex was too scared to have a before-bedder until Joe told him that he had had one in his parents' bedroom after they had gone to sleep.
by Zoomster April 04, 2006
Another name for a Bounce-blower, which is a device used to cover up the scent of marijuana. Essentially, a happy-hoot is a spent toilet-paper roll with a sheet of fabric softener folded over one end (usually held in place with an elastic). It is recommended that the user also stuff a few extra sheets into the shaft of the roll, in order to help dissolve the scent.
Worried that his parents would find out he smoked pot, Alex secretly made a happy-hoot for his enjoyment.
by Zoomster April 04, 2006
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