2 definitions by ZoomZoom

1) Keeping Cincinnati, Ohio on the map since 1972. The Reds and Bengals don't cut it.
2) Home of the world's longest woody: The Beast.
3) The only place in the world where you can ride Lara Croft.
4) Better than Cedar Point.
5) PKI Breaks records too damnit.
I went to Kings Island and realized it was better than Cedar Point after I rode the world's longest woody at night.
by zoomzoom November 29, 2004
To search through people's photos and comment "Bang! Duck Hunt!" on photos of that person making a 'duck face'; It refers to that of an actual hunter who hunts for ducks.
A duck face could be a person pouting their lips, making a kiss face, puckering their lips, etc.

"Bang! Duck Hunt"
by ZoomZoom February 05, 2012

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