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Its when someone is extremely smart just like ubaid who is the smartest kid alive.
They can also be funny.
I got 100% on my test.
Your smart like a ubaid!
by ZOOBAID October 16, 2003
the coolest guy around.
Man i saw you on the dance floor with all those girls. You the shizbaid
by Zoobaid October 16, 2003
Person who is dangerous. a real gangster. always got a gun on him
hes the real gangstabaid
by Zoobaid October 16, 2003
Someone that puts the blame on someone else.
Or someone that weasles around.
"Yo man i swear it wasn't me that robbed the liquor store."
"Man don't be such a mmmmmandrew and take the blame for once."
by ZOOBAID October 16, 2003
very retarded. Used for sarcastic purposes.
Man your smart like an ubaid. That was the gayest thing I ever heard.
by Zoobaid October 16, 2003
When I was younger I had a cat that was grey and he was round and liked orange fizzles and then the dinosaur went to him and asked him to change spots with him then hes like NO!
Yo man that cat was of off the HIZZY fo shizzy and the dough dolla holla molla colla that my friend is the jampack with the seven
by ZOOBAID October 20, 2003
A person that acts like the wizard of OZ. Or a person that likes wizard of OZ.
yo man thanks for that good advice, your a true mmmmmmmbaid.
by ZOOBAID October 09, 2003
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