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NOUN: (cank-el-SORE-us)

A woman with enormous cankles - afflicted with cankleitis. Those with canklephobia should steer clear...
"Dude. Don't look now - beastly canklesaurus at three-o-clock. Heading this way. Whew...detoured at the end of the bar. Crisis averted."
by ZooBG May 14, 2010
NOUN: (cank-el-FOE-bee-ah)

One with a fear of the cankle.
"Ma'am, could you please step back? This man has canklephobia and is prone to panic attacks when confronted with a woman with cankles like yours!"
by ZooBG May 14, 2010
NOUN: (cank-ul-EYE-tiss)

The affliction of enormous cankles.
"Don't go near her, she has cankleitis!"
by ZooBG May 14, 2010

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