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1.)Whoon is a combination of a whiner and a goon, i.e. someoneone who whines and moans constantly. 2.)It can also be used as a verb.
1.) You whoon! All you've done all day is complain about your socks.

2.) Quit your whooning! You're giving me a headache!

by Zone-Ranger October 08, 2007
A car with some sort of engine problem that causes it to release an abnormal amount of exhaust, usually of a bluish color.
Boy, that old Impala was quite the crop duster.
by Zone-Ranger October 08, 2007
Nonsense, unbelievable reports, gibberish, crap, no way, a statement that no one will believe.
A euphamism for bullshit.
Thats a load of bull flop!
by Zone-Ranger October 08, 2007

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