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What have you being doing lately (or) What you gonna do.
Veena opens up a chat window with Aravind and asks "What r u upto?"
by Zombie October 04, 2004
The 1337 form of Vagina
I licked her vagin0r lastnight
by Zombie December 15, 2004
a wildly popular and scientifically inaccurate web comic about a Chupacabra
"who is your favorite chupacabra?" "omg!! totally chupie"
by zombie September 18, 2003
The male genitals; a penis
I annointed her spasm chasm with my spire of desire
by Zombie January 10, 2004
When a device (mostly electronic) is dropped on the floor either intentionally or unintenionally which results in the device working better than before, then the device is said to be "channed".
My cell phone used to drop calls all the time till it got channed. Now it works like a charm.
by zombie February 10, 2005
I love him so much
Kurt Cobain is my hero.
by Zombie December 27, 2003
One who has attained the pinnacle of coolness. A total Badass
Zombie's a badass
by Zombie May 31, 2003

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