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5 definitions by Zombi Ist Krieg

An annoying or stubborn person whom denies any, or most, kinds of music other than Jazz. Has a self-indulgent illusion of sophistication about himself and, in particular, his tastes.

They are usually 20+ and also fluent in poetry and 'the arts', and are the first to stereotype you, or anyone, and use this against them for the remainder of the said person's life.

In general; extremely obnoxious people whom are indescribably arrogant yet impossible to get through to due to the thick layer of love for themselves they have through their 'sophisticated' yet ironically simple minded taste in music and art.

The term's origin is unknown but it has been seen popping up in lyrics for various works of music across the musical scene;

A good example being in a work by John Zorn (avant garde music) whom composed a song called 'Eat Shit Jazz Snob". The Jazz influence in his music supported the hatred of such people and the level of hypocrisy they carry with them.
(Jon has long hair and Jonathan either has rather long hair too or did so a few years ago)

Jon: "Hi" *Pulls out earphones*

Jonathan: "What was that you are listening to, some horrible uninspired heavy metal music" *Sigh*

Jon: "Some unreleased compositions by Max Ritcher actually you JAZZ SNOB!"
by Zombi Ist Krieg May 17, 2009
Over the top or unrealistic violence;

The BBFC, MPAA and most other classification boards classify gore as surpassing 'strong bloody and/or sadistic and/or sexualized and/or stylized violence', therefore being too unrealistic, comical or gratuitous to be classified as any of the above extremities in feasible depictions of violence.
'Irreversible' is an experimental/art house film containing strong and sexualized violence.

'Bad Taste' is a comedy/B movie containing frequent bloody gore.

Prolonged rape, torture, humiliation and gratuitously realistic acts of brutality = Violence

Using a chainsaw to slice through hundreds of zombies (people painted grey) that fall to pieces on contact with the chainsaws blades as if they were balloons full of ketchup = Gore
by Zombi Ist Krieg May 17, 2009
A game played with a basic pack of cards.

The game is derived from regular snap, but as each player places down a card they must say a number with it, the number said must start from Ace (1) and ascend to King (13) then start over so as to create a loop. If the card they place down matches that of the number they say everyone must place their hands down onto the formed pile of cards. The person who places their hand down last picks up all the cards and adds it to their hand.

To win the game you must run out of cards and successfully Snap (place your hand on the formed pile of cards) before any other player while you have no cards left. A player with no cards can also come last in Snapping a pile of cards though and gain cards as a result.

The game is notorious for being overly engaging and resulting in injured hands.
Kid 1: Im bored.

Kid 2: Oh look some cards.

Kid 3: Lets play Irish Snap!
by Zombi Ist Krieg November 03, 2009
Kill 2 / Kill part 2 / Kill Two.

Commonly used term for Cannibal Corpse's album 'Evisceration Plague', as it is so similar in style to the album released before it; 'Kill'.

Usually used to express a lack of interest in the album.
George: "You heard Cannibal Corpse's new album??"

Brian: "Yeah it's okay but, basically Kill 2"

**Few days later**

Everyone: "What did you think to Kill 2"

Everyone: "Yeah it's was okay, but basically Kill 2"
by Zombi Ist Krieg May 17, 2009
General insult, usually used towards someone whom is physically extremely unattractive, implying they could only fuck a troll, or are desperate enough to consider it, or possibly that by looking at them you subconsciously imagine trolls fucking.
Beyonce is a trollfuck
by Zombi Ist Krieg May 24, 2009