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an anime based around the day -to -day lives of four girls: Konata-An otakuwho loves H-Games and makes fuckloads of Haruhi references, Kagami- A young who (more often than not)is a bitch who helps her sister and konata anyways, Tsukusa- the clumsy and dim-witted twin sister of kagami with a strage passion for house work, Miyuki-a typical Glasses-girl moe who knows everything about everything and is the character only to have breast larger than that of a ten year old boy(even counting adults..). There are only three male characters that ever appear in more than one episode: Konata's Dad who is an otaku pervert just like his daughter, Minoru who cameos frequently and is the co-star of the ending segments after every show, and the Comic guy who talks, acts, and dresses like a stereotypical action anime hero and sole purpose in life is to get konata to buy useless junk. The show rarely has a plot or conflict,but the abundance of ironic and reference humor makes up for it.
"Which end is the head?" is one of the longer and more recognizable arguments from lucky star
by Zombahs February 07, 2008
the most villainous acronym evah
ZADR makes me sick to my ill-proned belly- Jhonen Vasquez
by Zombahs February 07, 2008
commonly known as "if it exist, there is a porn of it" when in reality the rule is "if it will rape your childhood, there is a porn of it", therefore pr0nyou want will never exist, but there will always be Goof Troupe porn somewhere in the interwebs ether
i call rule 34 on the weighted companion cube...smexy
by Zombahs February 07, 2008

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