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Anti-drug advertisement and website funded by the goverment to make us think that if you smoke marijuana, you will turn into a worthless hippie and kill people for a joint. The website has a "Your story" section where the people who own the site put up fake stories similar to this "Hi i am a 14 year oldz and I overdosed on marijuana, and almost died." or "I tried marijuana once, and became addicted and sold my body for sex. I then moved on to harder drugz."

Claims marijauna is addictive, will make you lose intrest in everything in life, causes cancer(This has been disproven), and that it makes you stupid, because statisitcs say so. The statisitics are not right, because many marijuana users were already stupid before they started smoking, and the smarter marijuana smokers won't admit they smoked because they KNOW they will be in deep shit.

See bullshit
Freevibe needs to die.
by ZohMyGod December 21, 2006
A website that advertises on urbandictionary.com ALL the time. Usualy has a girl who looks like a crackhead in the advertisements, but sometimes actually has a diffrent, more attractive girl. They advertise for shitty tee shirts that are supposed to be funny, but aren't.
Busted tees is a really, really shitty online store.
by ZohMyGod December 22, 2006
One of the best drugs ever. A narcotic and addictive, though. Used as a pain killer in perescriptions. Better used recreationaly.
Hey, let's go buy some vicodin!
by ZohMyGod November 27, 2006
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