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Alternate spelling of cockward, that is, awkward in a gay way.
Guy 1: Wanna go grab some lunch?
Guy 2: Can we make love afterwards?
Guy 1: *pause* Cawkward!
by Zogflipper December 09, 2007
Asterisk used to denote an action, most often in online chats.
coolgenius08: good job
coolgenius08: *hands you a cookie*
dumbgeek1221: don't stars around words mean bold?
coolgenius08: nope
coolgenius08: not when it's an acterisk
coolgenius08: *wink*
by Zogflipper December 09, 2007
An alternate form of the word "nice," originally formed by an accidental misspelling on a popular flash game website.
"nince, how did you do that?"
by Zogflipper April 26, 2009

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