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A word used to describe basically anything. Steming from the Dido song,"life for rent", inwhich if miss heard it can be assumed that she is singing forent, not for rent.
This word can be used in a varying amount of ways :
1 Today is very forent
2 Wow that gift was forent
3 He's so forent
by Zog the definer April 24, 2005
it's actually sometime, not somewhere i'm the retard.
lets go there somewhen
by Zog the definer May 04, 2005
A rather hairy individual who has mastered the art of belching to a high degree and the ancient art of karate. Be amazed as he burps your hasta la vista baby.
Where is the Stankdogg?
by Zog the definer April 24, 2005
Dylan Thomas once called Swansea, his home town, "The Graveyard of Ambition". This is probably the most appropriate definition as the only other well known person from Swansea is Catherine Zeta Jones, who most people do not even realize is Welsh.
Swansea should be bombed
by Zog the definer April 26, 2005
Originating from the Isle of Wight,(U.K) Somewhen is a retarded way of saying somwhere.
Amy: Would you like to go for a drink somewhen?
Zoe: What the fuck does that mean?
by Zog the definer April 28, 2005
1. The end of a bridge, where it meets the land.
2. A shit tip of a town in South Wales which has a habit of creating never ending housing estates. The town has a sensational night life, if you consider being surrounded by puking 14 year old and horny 40 year olds sensational.
1 Is that the bridgend?
2 Why would you want to go to Bridgend dear?
by Zog the definer April 26, 2005

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