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Hoboing (Verb)
Hobo (Verb)

To Hobo it out, (or hoboing it out) is to leave someplace in a hurry while looking muddled and unprepared (like a hobo or bum.)
"Zoe hoboed it out to the schoolbus; her hair unbrushed, a jacket half on and her shoes untied."

"Gabby, with a hand full of loose papers and her backpack still open, was hoboing it home."
by Zoey Zealous August 10, 2009
Used in any moment where one becomes speachless because somthing does not make sense.

When something does not make sense people refer to it as SneSne.

Comes frome the word the muddled version of the word sense, but mixed so that the word is in fact its meaning.

Originated from a typo.
Jenna- "I screamed when the grass started eating the cows."

Dan- "... SneSne.."
by Zoey Zealous August 09, 2009

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