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Tiana Lei Massey is an outstanding girl! She's a bit bio polar and always keeps you on your toes! She loves a great laugh and is totally fine with dirty jokes unlike most. She's a bit of perfectionist yet laid back. She goes with the flow but does her own thing. She's all about girl power!!! She's very independent which makes it very hard to find a guy who can put up with it. She's wild and crazy and PROUD OF IT!!!! She tends to always speak her mind so if you can't handle the truth don't stick around her. LOL. She's a true red head at heart. And can always make you smile! She is bubbly sweet and light on her feet. It's not hard to love her once you get past her rough attitude.
fun loving, hard worker, flirtatious, Tiana Lei Massey
by Zoey Bluebird August 01, 2011

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