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4 definitions by Zoey Tenaiy

Taking a break from most forms of communication to chill oneself out. Not using social networking sites, or constantly using their phone to call or text. Usually needed when someone becomes obsessed with the Internet and their phone.
"Mom, chill it with the Facebook status thing. You need a communication vacation.
by Zoey Tenaiy June 25, 2009
2 0
Level of betchyness. How bitchy/"betchy" someone is.
"Wow, your betchitude is very high today."
by Zoey Tenaiy January 29, 2009
2 0
A way of saying "very gay." Very "flamboyant" way of saying something all French like tres fruity. Or whatever.

Came from the book "ttyl."
"Wow, Andrian is so tray fruitay."

"Why are you drinking that? Tray fruitay."
by Zoey Tenaiy October 14, 2008
3 2
Nickname for Sarah Palin.

Made up by my mom's friend :)
"That damn mavericky Caribou Barbie"
by Zoey Tenaiy October 14, 2008
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