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3 definitions by Zoeena

rofl and poop combined - generally used to mean roll on floor laughing so hard you nearly poop.
<ubergeek> oh man u just totally pwned me at tetris
<lolzbunnies> roflpoop
by Zoeena April 16, 2008
A synonym for 'awesome' or 'supercool'. Can be used at any time and by anyone as long as they are philpotts themself.
Zoe: That is totally philpotts!

Harry: Huh, I'm a peacock!
by Zoeena April 06, 2009
Another (perfectly acceptable) word for a remote control, most commonly used to refer to a television remote.
"Hey, can you pass me the blipper? I wanna change the channel"
by Zoeena April 25, 2008