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A co-ed boarding school located in the middle of the Ochoco National Forest 1 and 1/2 hours outside of Prineville, Oregon. Stemmed from a cult, it brainwashes its' students who have been deemed as "youth at risk," by putting them in a room for 2-4 days and playing songs by Neil Diamond and Cyndi Lauper for hours straight while yelling at them. An oppressive, fascist environment where you sell out your friends to get ahead. The individual staff there are either inconsistent, power-hungry ass holes or nice and can't think for themselves, and allow themselves to be pushed around by the more dominant staff, eventually getting fired, or become another power-hungry staff.
Guy: Do you attend Mount Bachelor Academy?Girl: Yeah, I go to MBA. Why?Guy: Oh, so were you there for drugs, sex, or violence?Girl: All three, and for disrespect and dropping out of high school.
by Zoeboey March 19, 2009
An all girls boarding school where everyone is either Hispanic, Asian, or American. The girl's personalities range anywhere from stuck-up rich bitches to nice, humble, and hardworking. The education is great but many girls still pretend to be borderline retarded. Majority of the girls are also incredibly sheltered and very shallow, yet they still try and act tough or ghetto. Dance, horseback riding, and the arts are the most popular programs included within the school's extra curricular.
Grier Girl: How long were you at your last school for?
Regular Girl: Eighteen months.
Grier Girl: Wait, how many years is that?
Regular Girl: A year and a half.
Grier Girl: Wait... how is that?
Regular Girl: Because 12 months is in a year, and 6 months is a half a year. Making a year and a half total. You're 17, you really don't know how many months are in a year?
by Zoeboey March 19, 2009

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