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phrase most commonly associated with urban music industry and young adults. derived from its literal meaning, if an item is 'hot' you 'drop it, colloquially it has come to serve several different purposes. It is often compared to or paired with the phrase 'brush ya shoulders off' and suggestive movement.

1. describing a person dancing, usually in a provocative manner, dropping their 'booty' toward the floor and rising rythmically.

2. describing a particularly attractive specimen.

3. term of encouragement or confidence.
1) a. "...back it up then stop. what? what? drop it like it's hot"
b. KayT was droppin it like it was hot all up on the floor.

2) OHHH baby...drop it likes its HOT.

3) COME ON! you can do this. let's go. game face. drop it like it's hot.
by zoebaby December 04, 2004
2.skateboard company..
rayne> yo, renzo, that guy is punk and goth..check out his shirt, it says Poth
Renzo> Rayne..Poth is a skateboard company..
by Zoebaby June 18, 2004

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