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6 definitions by ZnappHansk

When someone likes a person and they go to their Facebook profile to look at pictures of them and read about them they become a Facebook Stalker
-hey man, why are you always hanging on that girls' facebook profile?
-I'm not always on her profile!
-yes man! You are a real Facebook Stalker!
by ZnappHansk September 03, 2009
The act of quickly putting your penis down in your pants when someone comes walking in.
-Dude, my mom almost caught me masturbating yestrday!
-Wow, man. What happened"
-Don's worry. I znapped it.
by ZnappHansk June 06, 2009
A girl who is dated only because of her appearance, so that she can be showed off to her boyfriend's friends.
-Jake and Crystal are a really nice couple, or what?
-Nah, he's only dating her because she's a show and tell girl!
by ZnappHansk July 23, 2009
To be really proud of having a digital watch that shows seconds, almost a desease.
-Excuse me, do you know what time it is?
-Yes, offcourse!

(looks at his watch)

-It is 14 hours 5 minutes and 36 seconds.
-What did you say, I forgot because you used like an hour saying it. You're so f***ing clockwise.I hate you!
by ZnappHansk June 18, 2009
To make someone stop crying or nagging about something.
"You look like a darn hedgehog, son!"
"Ok, chill. I i'll let yo momma sit on it if that will satiscalm you."
by ZnappHansk June 02, 2009
God's gift to people of the 21'st century.
-Dude, I don't understand a word the people on my High School says!
-Don't worry. Just check out Urbandictionary.com and you will do just fine.
-Thanks man.
by ZnappHansk June 06, 2009