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Noun: (1) Toilet Paper, originally. (2) Now usually used to describe a person who is shallow or gullible, and who swears excessively.
That assnapkin got himself banned for swearing and cyboring newbies!
by Zk4r January 06, 2005
Noun: (1) Slang for Tampon (2) Also used to describe people who try to soak up the blame for stupid arguments; a disingenuous newsgroup or messageboard "peacemaker"
That cuntgasket moderator deleted my flame!
by Zk4r January 06, 2005
One who engages in group sex, or group anal sex; also, an epithet for individuals who are quick to join a majority opinion (i.e. "bandwagon rider"), where that opinion advocates violence or harm.
Iraq won't be safe as long as these little ass gangsters take up arms.
by Zk4r July 29, 2005

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