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2 definitions by Ziwetian

The feeling after one trips one's face off and is still slightly tripping. The trademark feelings of the afterloom are the general fogginess of the mind, incoherent speech, and a slight body euphoria. The afterloom typically lasts about an hour or two, or until one falls asleep.
Alex: Hey man, are you good to drive or are you still tripping?

Jimbo: Naw man I'm good I just have a real nice afterloom from this 2C- B
by Ziwetian September 12, 2010
5 1
Something that exemplifies the quality of boss; versatile adjective to convey the condition of optimum, supreme status, or surpassing excellence onto a trailing word. Frequently utilized in social situations, such as dank group sessions, this word comes into clutch situations with frequent success and creates a dynamic shift in the conversation by adding flavor. This flavor, particularly useful when listening to gangster rap like Gucci Mane, then translates to the use of Ebonics and therefore, mostly ignorant slang. Use this word often to help preserve black culture, founded in the hood.
David: Hey Charlie, what do you think of this weed?

Charlie: Damn dude this shit is creamy as hell!

David: Oh, hell yeeaaahhh nigga, you know where i dun it from yano!?

Charlie: Oh, fo sho it musta been dat one nigga RayRay down da street.

David: Uh huh NIGGA! dis dank and dat nigga sho be creamy all da damn time.
by Ziwetian February 23, 2011
10 11