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My personal opinion, Hungary is a beautiful country with nice and smart people.
Do you wonder what this tiny country can offer to you?
Despite the small size of Hungary she has a distinct culture and language, stirring history, beautiful landscapes, healing waters and spas, delicious food and wines.
Besides the lively, metropolitan ,beautiful capital, Budapest, and the resort area of Lake Balaton, it has a number of picturesque, historic small towns as well as several national parks, offering a wide range of adventures and experiences for tourists. You can see ruined medieval castles, impressive cathedrals, take hiking tours in the hills or join a canoeing trip on one of the several rivers. Hungary is famous for its hearty, spicy cuisine and its wines: there are several excellent wine-growing regions, offering a variety of great red and white wines.
Hungarian girls are beautiful, though are not sluts. I think it is so disgusting that some of unintelligent, foreign men think: ” the best fucking country ever!!!”As a Hungarian woman dares to say that these primitive men are not attractive to any Hungarian woman, girl in their right mind. I hope these kind of lames are not in Hungary any more and I just feel sorry for those girls who have to ’choose’ one of these barbarians.
by Zita 85 August 19, 2008
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