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Used to describe a homley, funny looking pet; usually a doggy or pussycat that is so ugly it's actually cute. You tend to feel sorry for this critter. The runt of the litter. Bull dogs, pugs, chihuahuas, manx and hairless cats come to mind.
Mr. Bigglesworth the hairless pussy cat in Austin Powers looked so freakish you couldn't help but go awww, he's so ugly cute.
by Zippyjet July 08, 2006
Yiddish slang/term to define an uglywoman.
Barbara Bush can best be described as an old battleaxe meeskite. She wouldn't win any beauty contests.
by Zippyjet January 26, 2007
Very bad funky hot stale breath. Like morning breath. Humans and animals can have mouth ovens. Exhaling and others can smell your bad breath or for that matter the offending critter with funky breath odors.
He gave his girlfriend a mouth oven in the morning because he didn't brush his teeth, ate a tuna melt with garlic and drank a glass of milk. Contributing to his mouth oven was the fact he ate out his girlfriend the night before after he consumed that tuna melt with garlic, that glass of milk and after eating her out without brushing his teeth.
by Zippyjet May 01, 2008
An ugly person, usually referring to an ugly girl or woman. Yiddish slang.
That fat lady could stop a plane; she's so fucking ugly she's a "mieskeit!"
by Zippyjet July 08, 2006
A small truncated school bus or mini bus body on a small truck frame. Usually used to transport mentally challenged/retarded folk wearing hockey like helmets. Usually travels well under the speed limit on major highways. Usually the "special ed bus." Many times, a half loaf bus passengers are drooling out the windows.
Small stunted school bus almost exclusively used in transporting special needs people. Also known as "the short bus." These half loaf busses look like half loaves of bread.
by Zippyjet July 08, 2006

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