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The heavily armoured car driven by Pope John Paul.
Pope John Paul: Pro Popemobile
by Zippo April 14, 2005
Esp. with a large woman, lay the pen0r between the ass cheeks and masturbate with them. Just before you ejaculate, say "Use the force Luke", and then spread and aim for her exhaust port.

Extra points for painting the pen0rlike an X-Wing and your balls like Tie-fighters.

Deduct points if you bullseye her "whomp rat".
"I did a trench-run on Lisa last night, she growled like a wookiee"

by Zippo August 08, 2003
Poetic style, originating in England. The subject of the poem is the relationship between a human and a cow.
It is not uncommon for these poems to be very short, and they often,but not always adopt the structure of a haiku.
I drink your milk.
It feels good sliding down my throat.
by Zippo August 15, 2003
"As we Irish say, speak for your fucking self, dickhead."
That is the best quote ever!!
by Zippo August 18, 2003
Of or pertaining to poetry.
Something which could be the subject of a poem.
The way she moved was so poetic
by Zippo August 15, 2003
lolman, tries his best to spoil the fun for others in online games and fails miserably.
If lolman is banned from a server he will return as he has a dynamic IP, for each return he recives another ban and eventually his whole range is banned
by Zippo April 19, 2004

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