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4 definitions by ZionMunkee

To go into a girl's room and looks at there underwear. Underwear is panties, thongs, bras, g-strings etc.
e.g. Dylan pantie raided Susan
by ZionMunkee September 07, 2006
Hold On To Your Nuts. Said when someone takes a passenger in a vehicle and then drives into battle on a videogame
Rod jumped into the warthog. "H.O.T.Y.N.!" yelled Tod as he put the peddle to the metal.
by ZionMunkee November 26, 2006
Head shots in FPS games
"Woah! I gave him a third nostril!"
by ZionMunkee December 03, 2006
When you are in the middle of multiplayer game on the Nintendo DS and press the power button in until it shuts off (Original models only.)
Player1:Ha I'm beating your ass!
player2:*pushes in power button and ds turns off*
player1:HEY! You power drained!
by ZionMunkee November 26, 2006