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When a man takes stretches out his scrotum with his hands, then someone puts a flashlight behind it to illuminate the shadow on the wall.
Ray-Ray's wife was greatly suprised, when she arrived home, opened the door to her bedroom, and found her husband sending her the bat signal.
by zion August 19, 2004
A term used to describe the vagina when a woman lies on her back with her feet flat on the bed, legs open.
As zion entered the room, there was Nikki Cox on the bed, showing him her smiling butterfly.
by zion March 21, 2005
A term used to discriminately reference a Strip Club.
Goatgirl discretely invited everyone present to her Polish Broadway Show for all to enjoy.
by zion February 07, 2005
A condition of walking that a female exhibits after intense sex with typically a male partner. Female appears to walk bowlegged. Condition typically goes away after several hours.
After a night of really good lovin', Sally could not hide the fact that she had the Hit It Walk to her friends and co-workers.
by zion February 03, 2005
The greatest rock band that ever was, disciplerocks.com
Disciple is the greatest band ever.
by Zion March 24, 2005

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